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24 Hour Emergency Response Team

Emergencies at sea strike unexpectedly and often bring risk for life, property and the environment. During the first few hours of an incident, fast and correct decisions have to be made to enable successful incident management. By enrolling your ships or offshore units with our Emergency Response Service (ERS™), you leave the evaluation of complex post-damage stability and strength to the experts. We have over 3,700 vessels enrolled in the service – making USPMS a part of a world-leading emergency response provider.

We respond quickly and with precise advice when time, tools and competence may not be available on board. This frees up precious time for the crew and company to focus on the immediate incident handling and planning.

Our ERT has experienced experts on duty 24/7 and just a phone call away, ready to support you with the correct decision-making competence – even when the stability and strength of the vessel after an incident go beyond the requirements of the class rules and international regulations.


Emergency Response Team

Our Emergency Preparedness Team helps you improve your emergency response plans and enhance your ability to handle complex maritime emergencies.

Get back to normal business quickly thanks to our ERT support:

  • Precise and verified advice on how to improve your ship’s or MOU’s condition in a distressed situation, with a plan for the quickest return to operation

  • 24/7 access to damage stability and residual strength experts for immediate support to vessels in distress

  • Communication checks and real-case scenario exercises for effective and reliable crew training

  • Evaluation of your emergency response plan against reference best practices so you can improve and gain confidence

  • Compliance with relevant international regulations and requirements (e.g., MARPOL Annex I, Ch. 5, Reg. 37.4, Oil Pollution Act 33 CFR 155.240 [OPA 90], SOLAS Ch. II-1, Pt. B-1, Reg. 8-1 [Safe Return to Port])

  • Added assurance: ERT fulfils all the requirements of the OCIMF Guidelines on Capabilities of Emergency Response Services 

  • Our ERT is available for all ship types, offshore units and inland vessels, independent of class

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