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Port Facilites-Vessel Maintenance

USPMS has a privately owned shipping terminal that can serve all your shipping needs when necessary. Our port is located in Punto Fijo, Venezuela. It is strategically located for any vessel needing services in the Caribbean region. It is located 50KM from the islands of Aruba and Curacao. 

The commercial port provides the economic operators with all the infrastructure, superstructure, equipment and logistics necessary for ships' calls and unloading of goods including handling, storage, and warehousing.

The fishing port is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and superstructure for fishing boats' calls, repairs, construction and shipchandling (fuel and water) as well as unloading, selling, processing, and storing fishery products.


Services provided to ships

  • ◊ Berthing infrastructures;

  • ◊ Pilotage;

  • ◊ Tugging;

  • ◊ Boatage;

  • ◊ Provision of water and electric power;

  • ◊ Launching and docking of vessels (of up to 750 tonnes) for repairs;

  • ◊ Berthing on platforms for shipbuilding or scrapping operations;

  • ◊ Docking repair;

  • ◊ Other ancillary services.

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